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We are always ready for collaboration.

We have learned through experience that you never know when, where or how an amazing partnership will flourish.

Currently we are seeking fish farms wanting to upgrade, and modern aquaculture integrators intent on enriching their offering.


We also want to talk to feed suppliers interested in possible bundling of food and feed, enabling “Feeding as a Service” sales.


To develop and provide advanced solutions and services that optimize production and enable a sustainable, cost-efficient and safe aquaculture industry.

Hydrofeed is a technology and service partner, delivering technology and services that help overcome feeding challenges within the aquaculture industry.


Good operational practices, high performance and fish welfare, ensure customer sustainability and profitability.

This is our ethos, on which everything we deliver is based: from single components to services and installations.


In-depth aquaculture knowledge, extensive experience and constant innovation characterizes and enables us to deliver the best solutions for both land-based and pen-based fish farming.



Help Center

We take pride in the exceptional level of service and interaction we provide, listening to our customers’ needs and ensuring that we meet those requirements.

Customer Focus


Industry Knowledge

In-depth knowledge about our industry, its demands and challenges, enables us to develop innovative solutions and services. We are constantly updating our skills-base and Body of Knowledge.

When customers come to us, they do so to obtain solutions, direction and support; in short, they rely on us to be there for them.


Scaling the Rocks

Our team is fired up to achieve something great every day. It’s this enthusiasm to contribute to environmentally crucial services, products and systems,  which motivates the Hydrofeed team.


Corporate Responsibility

We are willing and eager to work with the authorities, to ensure compliance with local and international laws and ordinances, to meet and indeed exceed standards of quality and performance; to ensure that our operations, products, solutions and service do not cause a negative HSE impact.


We are also committed to finding innovative ways to give back to the communities where we live and work. Contact us to learn more about how we fulfill our commitments, and how to notify us about any unacceptable conditions of which we need to be aware.

Notification of Unacceptable Conditions

Hydrofeed encourages the exposure of any kind of information or activity that is deemed illegal, unethical or that goes against legal, moral and ethical practices. Notify us at:

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