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Technology = Sustainability

Our technology focuses on solving a multitude of challenges presented by the demands of sustainability, as part of the continued development of an Eco-friendly industry.

The operational performance of Aquaculture farms is considered the Gold Standard for achieving excellent results in this sector - with our technology and range of advanced solutions, we believe we can meet and even exceed these requirements and expectations.


Minimalistic engineering approach reduces cost and operations


Ensures the least damage to the integrity of the feed


Surface or sub-sea feeding to mitigate sea lice infestation 


Saves money and reduces the farm’s environmental impact

Waterborne feeding means higher feeding capacity, exceptional energy reduction

Both the pellets and the feeding pipe benefit significantly from the much gentler operation of aquatic feeding systems. Noise and micro-plastic discharge are substantially reduced.

Replacing air with water will register a considerable drop in energy consumption, eliminating pellet density as an issue and doubling capacity.

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